Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snagged a Treasury - A for Apples!

I just snagged a Treasury! And in honor of my latest necklace.. I have decided to do a Treasury full of apples! I love apples since when I was really young.. I guess it's because a. Apple is always the first one that you learn when you are learning about the alphabet, b. My Chinese / Mandarin name is inspired by Apples. 丽苹 literally means beautiful apple :) and c. they are usually more yummy than pears and lot more crunchy than bananas and sweeter than oranges... Hope that's enough reason to love them! Here's my treasury!

I think I have done a apple theme treasury before but at that time, I had red apples vs green ones. This time, I decided to pick mainly red apples. From the above selection, the following are my favorites.
  1. Zakka Apple Trinket Box by Wunderkind
    - I love the cute apple shape box that allows me to keep all knick knacks. It also beautifies the place like a cute ornament. It is available in RED or GREEN.
  2. Custom Apple Teacher Dish by thebrickkiln
    - I love this cute dish that is a perfect gift for any teachers or even colleagues. I can imagine putting my paper clips and other small stationery items on it! You can even custom it by indicating your receiver's name!

  3. Silver Red Delicious Apple Silhouette Necklace by ANORIGINALJEWELRY
    - I love the matte finish on this simple yet chic apple pendant. It's a perfect for everyday wear. Love it!

  4. Red Apple Necklace by ME!
    - I love the bling bling apple that glitters. It stands out with no matter what I wear. Definitely a conversation starter or attention stealer! :P I love it so much that I decided to make one for myself!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back from Holidays and Birthday Break

I have been away from the blogland for a while... It has been a great break from work. Taking the time for some family bonding as I travel to Thailand the last weekend with my folks.

My mum & I love to travel to Bangkok (BKK) a few times a year. One of the main reasons was because to find new suppliers for her flower shop and check out new gift ideas that are in the market right now. Since many years back, I love travelling with her on her shopping trips as I get to see how she source for new items and negotiate on prices with the suppliers. Sometimes, we will attend the international gift fairs that are held in BKK regularly.

For accommodation, we will usually stay that our all time favorite hotel (Arnoma Hotel). Although it is quite old structurally, it has one of the BEST locations in BKK. It is near the train station and is located at the heart of the city which is really hard to come by. Personally, I have tried staying in other hotels but nothing beats the convenience of being in the city centre close to the train station and key shopping areas (this is especially impt after a long hard day of walking and shopping and all you want to do is to put down your shopping bags!).

My dad come along with us this time round. He don't really like tagging along on our shopping trips as we often walked from morning till evening! lol! :) This requires him to walk up and down stairs and uneven walkways under the hot blazing sun. But I guess he has very little choice coming on this trip with us. :D

For me, my best buys were sterling silver pendants! I got a great variety of them... I can't wait to make them into necklaces and list them on the shop. I am really happy with my purchases. You can see from the photos below that I have also bought some organza bags. They are really cheap especially when you get them bulk from the wholesalers. Overall, I am very satisfied with the trip. The only regret was that I wish I had changed more money and check out the silver shops earlier. Most shops were closed on Sundays :( Nevertheless, I will look forward to my next trip to BKK :)

Oh the last picture above are the fabric hankies that I bought. I am not sure what I am going to do with so many hankies but I absolutely love the fabrics that I just got to have them!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Snagged a Treasury - Plum Blossoms

I snagged a treasury! It's been a while but I am just at the right place at the right time :) The theme of my latest Treasury is Plum Blossoms. I am inspired by the coming of spring with all those flowers blooming and also cos I just came back from Japan :) I didn't want to do a cherry blossom one cos I think I have done that theme before.

So check out my latest treasury...........

Out of my selection, here's my favorite. It's this cute little bunny called Plum by Danielleorama. I love the striking rich purple color and the cute ears that are made from beautiful Japanese fabric with blossoms! The description of the listing is also really adorable. Little Plum loves all things Japanese and is currently studying Kanji (one component of the Japanese language whose characters are written the same way as Chinese ones).

Here's showcasing my Plum Blossom necklace which I included in the treasury above. The richness of the plum color Swarovski faceted crystal makes a beautiful focal piece with the cutest blossom at the side.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Etsy Treasury - Cleopatra

Even though I am away in Japan for work, I am still very much glued and attached to my Etsy shop :) Thus while browsing through the treasury, I found out that one of my earrings has been included! The treasury is called Cleopatra by Paleorama and showcase a selection of Egyptian or Cleopatra related items.

One of my favorite in this selection is Cleopatra Original Oil Painting by six06. It's so detail and the colors are really beautiful. I love the eyes with deep eye liners and shape like cat's eyes. The serpent is also beautifully placed around her.

Here's my earrings that was selected. It is my Egyptian brass earrings. I love the brass chain tassels and sway as you turn your head or walk.. :) I have a gunmetal silver version as well. I named it Arabian...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Treasury West - V E S P A

It's the first time snagging a treasury in Treasury West.. I was there just in time.. The title of my Treasury is VESPA. Basically a collection & selection of vespa / scooters in different medium on Etsy. Here's what the whole treasury looks like. I love vespas and I think they have this vintage feel and are very cute.. and looks easy to ride. (although I have not rode on one before).

In the collection showcase on my Treasury. The following 3 items are my favorites and caught my eye.

1) Vespa Card by AJKArtistry - The Vespa on this card looks so real and has a 3-D effect which makes it so cool and cute! The photo taken was also very clear as you can see the details on the Vespa.

2) Vespa Scrabble Tile pendant by WordDesigns40 - I love the black & white look of the pendant and really makes the vespa pop from the jet black background.

3) Sweet Vespa Necklace by ME - I love this Vespa charm as it is a solid one with details all round (front & back). By matching it with a dainty pink freshwater pearl, it brings out the femininity of the masculine vehicle.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Etsy Finds - I am included again!!

I am so so honored again to be included in the Etsy Finds this weekend! The topic this weekend deals is Jewelry Fit for Spring. I hope this will give my shop some boost like the last time :D *fingers crossed*

My little owl was featured this time round. It's the last piece that I have in my shop. I managed to find these babies during one of my travels. I love it because it moves with little flapping wings :) It's really hard to find sterling silver charms locally especially unique ones. Owls have been very popular these months or even last year... I am not sure why.. but I have seen quite a number of listing on owls. They appear on t-shirts, jewelry, pouches, everything and anything....

Do you loves owls? Anyway, while typing up this post, I found out that my owl is SOLD! :) Hurray.. Really made my day! I hope everyone have a great weekend...

Oops.. did I mention that I am away next week? I am off to Tokyo for work again.. this time it's for 4 days.. :) Hopefully it's more fun this time round as I have switched to a hotel that is nearer to the train station. Hopefully I get to do more exploring than work as compared to the last time :) Will share photos when I am back!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lemonade Award - I Won!

I was so excited today cos I had just been handed the Lemonade Award! I have not won an award before... Hmm.. what would be Thank You speech be... I would like to thank Glitzer for picking me out of all the blogs... and God constantly picking me up when I fall and for blessing me, my family and my Etsy shop abundantly.

Lemonade Award is given to blogs that demonstrate great attitude and / or gratitude.

Rules for the award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.

Here are my 10 blog nominations to receive the Lemonade Award:
  1. A Desert Fete - Love the photos that she takes. Really natural..
  2. Castle Tang - My friend and ex client. Wonderful photos and stories about his kids.
  3. Kala Pohl Studio - A wonderful lady that writes very interesting blog about her art & heritage.
  4. Zakka Life - I love her blogs! Great ideas about crafts that everyone can learn and do :)
  5. Fruitloop Daydream - I love the banner on her blog! Really cool :)
  6. Dirty Pretty Things - I love all her posts. Great picks, very interesting to read..
  7. MER - I love her jewelry and creative ways of taking photos! Great stuff!
  8. Style & Design - Her posts are always enjoying and fun to read. I love looking at what she picked!
  9. By_Rheea - Her blogs has great sights and photos of Singapore!
  10. eraseandrepeat - Love her work! Great blog too.. Had great time reading it :)
Have fun checking out all of them :)