Saturday, March 8, 2014

Good Review Makes Everything Worthwhile

A wonderful customer just made my day by leaving the sweetest and most wonderful feedback.  Receiving such reviews makes everything I do worthwhile.
"Its delicate and beautiful. Thank you Alice. I love how you added so many small little details in presenting this necklace as a special piece. I am not a biblical person, but opening that package all the way down to the necklace says a lot about you, just beautiful...." - Beth from Colorado.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Piggy's Lucky Clover List

Clovers or Shamrocks are symbols of good luck and also St Patrick's Day which is just round the corner! (17 March).  
 March is a great month for me, not only that it is my birthday month, I will also be taking a trip to Australia to visit my sister and attend my brother's graduation in a week's time.  Perfect excuse to get gifts for my sister, brother and I!
  1. Crocheted Shamrock Clover Bear Hat US$26.00 - Totally adorable for your little one!  If only there is winter in Singapore, I will definitely get it for Baby A.
  2. Four Leaf Clover Victorian Wax Seal Necklace US$40.00 - There is just something about wax seal that makes it so English.  Love this beautiful necklace!
  3. Clover Ring. Shamrock Ring US$20.00 - Green against brass. makes me think of green beer!
  4. Clover of Love II Necklace US$20.00 - Another green against brass! Perfect matching necklace for the ring!
  5. Celtic Clover Soap Mold US$8.25 - Gorgeous mold to make lucky green soap for a perfect St Paddy's party!
  6. SHAMROCK Coasters US$16.00 - Another addition to the great St Paddy's party! Perfect coaster to hold that green beer.
  7. Leggings Irish Shamrock US$29.00 - These leggings would make a perfect St Paddy's outfit.
  8. 50's Vintage 4 Leaf Clover Brooch US$6.00 - Love this vintage brooch.  It is going for a great price too! (Although shipping is abit costly, might be due to the insurance) Nevertheless, the brooch is super delicate and cute.