Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you Angry?

Have you ever been angry in your whole life? What do you do to keep yourself calm, how do you manage angry? How do you react when you are angry? Are you the "IN YOUR FACE" type of person or the cold war type of person?

I was really angry today at work. I guess it was more frustrated more than anything. I was upset that I was "pushed" to come up with more deliverables when the management does not know the confusion or uncertainty that we have on the ground which causes some deliverables to be meaningless or unnecessary. I guess alot of times, the management tends to see things from a million miles above that they couldn't care less for technical and minute details which on the ground may be a stumble block or an issue to overcome.

I was so angry today to the point of being spiteful in emails. I am not the "IN YOUR FACE" type of person when it comes to expressing my anger. I tend to keep it within me and internalise it and just vent it to someone or God in my shower.

Today, I thought about whether I am happy in the job and whether God place me in that situation for a reason whether it is to mold me to be a better person.. I donno... but it is something to ponder and pray about tonight...

What do you do when you are angry?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Snagged a Treasury - Fairy Tales

Just after I updated my blog with an Etsy treasury which included my hedgehog necklace! I managed to snag a treasury of my own!! :D Hurray!

What should I do.. what should I do... I know! In view of my latest necklace, I decided to do a fairytale theme treasury. Can you guess what are the fairy tales that are featured in my treasury?

From the above, here are some of my favorites.
  1. Peas Porridge Set of 4 yellow bowls - by LovinCup
    These bowls look so yummy to hold my porridge. I love the imprinted letters and make them fun to look at while eating my porridge.

  2. Snow White Pocket Mirror - by lely
    This is a beautiful and different interpretation of Snow White. Whenever people think of Snow White, they would naturally think of the Disney version where there is short hair lady with fair skin, wears a red ribbon headband and has a dress that's blue, red and yellow. This version is more delicate and vulnerable.

  3. Little Red Riding Hood Necklace - by Me!
    Last but not least, my latest favorite, a whimsical little red riding hood charm necklace! I simply adorable this charm. I was very blessed to stumbled upon this lovely charm that was not even "priced" when I bought them :)

Etsy Treasury - Today's Showcase

I am honored to be included in an Etsy Treasury yet again! This time the treasury is called Today's Showcase by ozzana which features a selection of beautiful flowers and berries.

From the selection, this item is my favorite.. It a Berry Hat by BackThennishVintage! I have never seen a berry hat before. I thought it is just adorable.

My little Hedgehog necklace was also included in the treasury! I think it's just adorable to have this little thing burrowing among the beautiful flowers and hunting the berries! Don't you think he is adorable?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top Sellers - Singapore

A fellow Singaporean Etsy seller sent me a convo with this link! I was so amazed that she actually took the effort to do up a countdown of the top sellers in Singapore and even looking to post more countdowns like the top sellers on Etsy, the top sellers of vintage, supplies, handmade items etc..

.. and I am so blessed to make it to the #13 spot!! Here's the amazing list and her link to find out more.

** speech : I would like to thank my customers for this honor to be in the #13 spot. I will strive to do better next year. ** :D

1LingGlass5450glass jewelry
2florspace1900bags, purses
3monstergallery1700arts, print, zines
4mwendas1650supplies, japanese fabric
5saplanet1600supplies, amigurumi craft
6melbangel1400crotchet patterns, blythe
7littleoddforest1400accessories, homeware
8Zoopri1250personalised stationery
9bingbing1250supplies, findings
10leatherprince1050leather accessories
11artfaerie950supplies, art beads
12beadsws650supplies, findings,
14decorette650wall decals
16bagonebagshop550bags, purses
18thelaughinghouse450purse, pouch
19AlmondTree450glass jewelry
20uniquegrabs450handmade cards
22CraftingBug400supplies, kawaii
23HeartBeadsSupply400supplies, findings, beads
24Huey400cards, incense
25ThatGemShop300supplies, gemstones
27Mylittlepalette250crotchet appliques
28chalinns250bags, accessories
31momluvdiy200purse, pouch
32lapierle200doll dresses
33joeykblythe200doll accessories
37kirakirahoshi150paper dolls, greeting cards
38saveonsupplies100supplies, findings, vintage
41HueyWiSH50supplies, destash
44lovesprouts50customised stamps
45BeiLeXian50art prints
47galinblack50pop up handmade cards
48cokoya50supplies, japanese fabric
49inji50fabric, jewelry, roving
50ArtByLilin50polymer clay craft
51zakkaArt50zakka art
54rockchixsupplies50supplies, findings
55SimpleSupplies50supplies, jewelry
56verao50crochet bikinis
58miniaturepatisserie50Dollhouse, Miniature Cakes
59Melbangel250Vintage, Buttons

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visit to the HortPark

HortPark or also known as the Horticulture Park is Southeast Asia's first one-stop gardening and lifestyle hub. This is an additional to the many parks we have in Singapore.

My hubby took me there for a nice stroll and beca
use he is a fan of gardening, we decided to check it out. I must say the first impression at the carpark and entrance of the park was amazing as there were so many variety of flowers and there is even a pond with lots of fishes.. So pretty & cute.

We checked out the Thai restaurant for lunch.. I must say it is quite expensive :( I should have walked a bit further to have lunch at the cafe *shucks* The view just outside the restaurant was amazing.. But what took my breath away are these beautiful flowers that I took while taking my stroll at the park.

On the downside, it started to pour shortly after our walk and we also f
ound that there are some areas where the plants are not well taken care of. As compared to the Botanical Gardens, the maintenance at the HortPark was not up to par. There are certain areas and trails that were "childish" and seems to be a playground for kids instead of educational and well maintained for adults..

Nevertheless, here are some of my pictures!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Amazing Voice - I Dream a Dream (Susan Boyle)

I totally love this song and her voice is just AMAZING! I think the song is really fitting to her appearance and her situation in the show. Take a few minutes to check this video out.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snagged a Etsy Treasury - Butterflies for SPRING

Just snagged this Etsy treasury! And in honor of spring, I did a selection of butterflies... If you are thinking of those colorful bright cheery ones, well... you are wrong :) Here's my subtle take on the butterflies this spring.. hope you'll love them!
Here's a few of my favorites.
  1. Sexy Butterfly Tattoo thigh-high socks - ultra pale by post
    - I LOVE this! I am so going to buy it.. it's so sexy and pretty..although I don't think I can wear them to work. keke :)
  2. Butterfly Alights Ring by KiraFerrer
    - This ring look so precious and dainty! It looks as if the butterfly just landed on your little finger. Gorgeously hand crafted!
  3. Sterling Silver - Butterfly Necklace by Me!
    - I love this butterfly outline pendant. It looks as if the butterfly was hand drawn.. like my doodle of a butterfly! :) The necklace is so chic and definitely Tiffany inspired.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Etsy Treasury - Cat Lovers Paradise

I was really honored to be included in the following Etsy treasury West, Cat Lovers Paradise. This treasury like its title features a selection of cat items!

Here are some of my favorites.
  1. Jazzcat Earrings Olive Green by chatnoir77
    - I think these earrings are so so cute! I love the little notes that are like the legs of the kitty. Simply cute & unique.

  2. Jasper in a Bowl - Kitten Photograph by justamoment
    - Jasper is so adorable and it's so tiny that it curls snugly in the bowl. How cute is that. Jasper seems to be concentrating while his picture is being taken. Love those eyes as well.
  3. Winking Pussycat Pandora - Blue by ME!
    - Last but not least my latest winking pussycat pandora watch pendant! I love the winking cat and her chi-chi rhinestone necklace! Very chic!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BEWARE - Fake Paypal Email Notification

I recently received a paypal email notification stating that my paypal account has been limited temporary due to some several failed log in attempts. There was this case number and a statement to say in order to restore your account please log in correctly and there is this link.

I clicked on the link and it brought me to a paypal log in page. I tried to log in and they direct me to an credit card page where I was asked to fill in my credit card details and this ATM pin number. Anyway, after trying several times I failed and I was a bit worried as I thought all the trouble that I have to go through to call the paypal helpdesk to restore my account.

Then I tried to log into paypal separately by typing in the paypal website address and I was able to go in... I did a quick compare between the 2 log in sites.. it then I realised it was a FAKE site!!!

I was SO SO MAD and SCARED... I then
  1. Change my paypal password and credit card details.
  2. Report / forward the fake email and fake paypal website to Paypal helpdesk.
    [Email : spoof@paypal.com.sg]
  3. Suspended my credit cards (those that I key in accidentally).
  4. Virus scan my laptop to make sure that there was no virus attached to my laptop from the fake site.
Overall the whole ordeal make me more wary of such emails.
TO EVERYONE : Please beware of such emails and websites! Here's the screen capture of the email received!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Etsy Treasury - White and Red

One of my items was included in a Treasury on Etsy again! It still gives me the thrill whenever I see a "golden" star while browsing the treasuries. The treasury that featured my item is called White and Red. Like the title, it is a selection of white & red items.

Some of my favorites in this treasury are

1) Glass Pendant with Scripture / Saying by ImJewelee - I love to put my favorite bible phrases in a glass pendant! It would be a perfect gift for birthdays or baptism!

2) Petite Cherry Blossom Birds - This is the last piece of these gorgeous earrings! Love the striking red against the silver birds.

Friday, April 3, 2009

First Time to a Symphonic Orchestra

Tonight marks my first attendance to a Symphonic Orchestra Concert...

Personally I am not a classical person, however my hubby loves classical music and he bought tickets to the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra (SSO). For the opening piece, Renaud Capucon will be playing a Violin Concerto in E minor, Op 64 from Felix Mendelssohn. The SSO will also be playing Symphony No.10 (Clinton A Carpenter version) by Gustav Mahler. The concert was held at the Esplanade.

I have never thought of attending an Orchestra concert. Partly because a. I am not a classical person and b. I am really afraid that I will fall asleep in the concert. I fell asleep during ballets and monotonous jazz concerts (e.g. Diana Krall) before and I came to a conclusion that I cannot attend anything that does not have words or singing. I am great with musical and plays but ballet and some jazz.. *suck big time*

The whole evening was generally good. I had fun watching the conductor do his thing. I ponder, what does it take to be a conductor? Do they need to know how to play the instruments? Why are they needed if everyone would just play their part of the song? Is he there to keep time? Do all that swinging make sense to the players?

Also, I found that some people actually fall asleep in the concert as well. I manage to let out a giggle when I heard a snore from the lady sitting next to me! :)

All in all, I am not sure whether I will watch another Orchestra concert. It is certainly not my thing... I guess if my hubby loves it and he pays for the tickets, I don't have much choice *sulk*.