Friday, May 29, 2009

Featured : Wickedly Chic : Daily Ditties

I am so honored that one of my favorite earrings have been featured on Wickedly Chic's Daily Ditties. Daily Ditties should be your first stop every day to check out the newest, most chic & unquestionably fashionable indie items on the web. So don’t be a ditty, read the Daily Ditties!

Here's my earrings that was featured. It's A Day At The Beach Earrings (Seashell Version). I have made these earrings for a while now and it has a whooping 500 over views.. but it is still unsold *sulk*. The reason why this is a seashell version as the original version which was sold out had a starfish charm instead. :) I love the pastel blue & white colors of the freshwater pearls.

Here's my other favorite from this week's daily ditties. It is Pink Elephants Necklace by khalidahj. I love simple and chic style. Thus this beautiful necklace is just right up my alley. I love the beautiful peachy colors of the glassbead.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Treasury - Fly

I am honored again to be included in the following Treasury called Fly by outofthebox. The treasury features items with the theme fly.
Here are some of my favorites!

  1. REAL butterfly wing necklace/pendant/FULL Cithaerias merolina by Butterflysenses
    This is a beautiful necklace made from a real butterfly wing! How cool is that.. love the natural colors of the butterfly. Definitely a conversation starter. Item would be OOAK.

  2. Flying Panda Print 7 x 5 by MisNopalesArt
    Love love this cute panda.. It reminds me of me.. always sleepy and hungry. Even when it is flying it looks sleepy. If only I can fly to work with my sleepy eyes :D

  3. My Little Airplane Necklace by ME!
    This is a OOAK piece from my watch necklace collection. It's cute and adorable and I only have one of it! It's not only functional but cute to look at too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Treasury West - Little Red Riding Hood

I am so so lucky that I got included in 2 Treasury West treasuries at the same time! Check out my previous blog post for the first one! Here's the 2nd one called Little Red Riding Hood by thelittlefox. Today's must be a "Little Red Riding Hood" Day as I was featured in this fellow Singapore Etsian blog post. In both the Treasury West and the Blog, my Little Red Riding Hood necklace was featured. How cool!

Here are some of my favorite Little Red Riding Hood items.

  1. Multi Usage Little Red Riding Hood Wrap by StudioCybele
    There are 5 different ways to wear this stunning hot little number. You can wear it as a wrap, a tube top, a skirt, a head scarf and a shrug! What versatility and style! Love the hot red color too!
  2. Little Red Riding Hood Mini Book by LittleGreenButton
    Love the handmade illustrations and hand painted pictures. Great gift and collector item. A unique twist to the Ladybird version :D

  3. Little Red Riding Hood Necklace by Me!
    Featured this necklace before on my blog and I think the charm is totally whimsical and cute! However, I am not sure why this item is still sitting in my Etsy shop! :( Any feedback?

Treasury West - Blooming Blooming Everywhere

I am honored to be included in the following Treasury West - Blooming Blooming Everywhere by StormsHandicrafts. This beautiful treasury features the selection of flowers of every kind blooming!

Here's some of my favorites.
  1. Flowerets in the wind - Earrings by pastelpetals.
    These beautiful flowers are intricately made and I have not seem similar flowers are these around. They are made by a fellow Singaporean who is a newbie to Etsy but makes the most gorgeous jewelry. Do check out her shop!
  2. Ivory Hair Barrette by jurgitahandmade
    Love the middle flower and the beautiful color of the flower. This is perfect for a bride to be. :)
  3. Poppy in Pearls by ME!
    This is my latest necklace and it has taken me quite a bit of time and effort to hook up all the beautiful white freshwater pearls into a lovely necklace. I love the brass flower as the centerpiece as it is very vintage inspired.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What's In Your Shopping Bag?

With the recent lack of inspiration and creativity, I decided to some time restocking my supplies and check out new gems & some of my favorite Etsy shops. Here's what I have in my shopping bag last week. I can't wait for them to get here!

  1. Brilliant emerald green onyx gold cluster hoop earrings by friedasophie
    I love the rich green color of these emerald green onyx that is just so stunning that I got to have it! I have not seen any of these beautiful gems around before and they are just so delicious! I love the simple and chic designs of friedasophie and I think her gems have the richest colors that they will just pop with anything I wear! PS : She still have stock for the above earrings that I bought!

  2. AAA Aqua Chalcedony Smooth Teardrop Briolettes 13.75-14.5mm x10 by TheCuriousGem
    I love the teardrop shape and the great AAA quality of these briolettes. When I buy gems, I usually make sure that they are at least AA grade and above. This is because I think it really pays to buy gems of quality and it shows in the photos and your work. This seller has one of the best collection of gems on Etsy and most of them are AA quality and above. I can't wait to start working on these briolettes!
So what do you have in your shopping bag last week?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Brain Freeze

It's one of those days where your brain is just like frozen, no having the least bit of creative ideas for the next jewelry piece. Don't feel like doing anything at all.. Nothing is going through your mind.. it's just empty and blank.....

I hate these days.. I have to force myself to flip magazines, check out other websites, blogs and etsy shops.. just to get abit of inspiration and zest to work on the next piece..

Nothing is coming to me yet..

Sigh.. what do you do in days like these..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Treasury - The Bird that Chirped

What did I say about birds... they are EVERYWHERE... I am very honored to be included in another treasury and it's about BIRDS.. now what did I saw.. they are just so popular and definitely the next trend in line after the OWL frenzy. This treasury "The Bird that Chirped" is perfectly selected by tarunjain!

As usual, here's my favorites out of the selection...
  1. Lovebird Bowl by PrinceDesignUK - I love birds and hearts! This item is a great combination of both. I think the red heart details on the wings and eye are just adorable & cute. Perfect present for a good friend! There are more designs in her shop too! :)

  2. Modern Chick Bowls Orange Black white by shoshonasnow - I am into bowls.. and this one is so brightly colored (orange with black white stripes) with a cute chick head... Love the details at the bottom of the bowl as well. I can totally feel how much effort and love the crafter has put into this item.

  3. Cute birds in Chains by ME! - This is my humble birds earrings.. available in big round ring hooks too :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Treasury West - The joy of Random

I am very honored to be included in NORMandLOU's latest Treasury West called The Joy of Random. It features a selection of their favorite items.
Here are some of my favorites from the selection
  1. Lovebird Pincushion by feltmates - I think these birds are just adorable. Bird designs are very hot and IN right now. I seem to see them everywhere especially the fat ones. They seem to be next in line after the OWL frenzy.
  2. Yet to Discover by artisanlook - I love this ring. I have the round dots and in lay opals for certain dots. Really simple & chic with the expensive look.

  3. Little Red Riding Hood by ME - I simply adorable this charm. I am not sure why this item is not being sold as yet :( I think this red riding hood charm is so cute and I am so blessed that the shop keeper actually took them out to show me before they were even listed in the shop. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Packaging - Are you a sucker?

I am a self declared packaging sucker. I love buying items with cute packaging.. For some reason, cute & brightly colored packaged items always catch my eye and I appreciate the finest details. My friends call me a packaging sucker.. keke :) But to me that goes to show how important packaging is.

Besides checking out items with beautiful packaging, I love shopping for packaging supplies for my Etsy shop. They are just tons to choose from and sometimes you get so overwhelm that you forgot that you are running a business and you tend over shop.. *guilty as charged*

Recently one of my suppliers for my boxes has increased its price. In addition, I was told that it will take me 2 months before I will receive it and I have to buy for the items upfront. I was so ANNOYED! Thus I decided to revamp my packaging strategy... but to what?

Here are some of my favorites and thoughts.. My packaging may be a combination of some..
  • Organza bags
  • Colored / printed tissue paper
  • Custom stickers
  • Boxes (source for new suppliers)
  • Ribbons (LOVE ribbons!)
  • Source for other containers.. (e.g. tin cans, plastic containers)
If you were to buy jewelry, what would you love to see your pieces be packaged in?