Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ms Piggy's Great Aussie Break !

It's seems like ages ago that I came back from Australia.  I was there just a few months back to attend my brother's graduation and also visit my cousin in Perth and sister in Sydney.  We took the opportunity to bring my folks to Margaret River (MR) that they missed the last time round.  Overall it was a superb break.  Unfortunately, Mr B couldn't come and Baby A has to stay at home :( *sob*

Nevertheless, some random but interesting photos to capture my trip.

~~ Margaret River - Berry Farm ~~
Avocados on a tree - unseen in Singapore.

 Avocados on a tree - unseen in Singapore. 
So this is how they look like in nature.  Not in crates at the supermarket. 
Chopped wood for cooking?

Delicious raspberries bunch.

Beautiful vast vineyard

I spy grapes! 
No net can keep us out! :)

~~ SYDNEY ~~
Great coffee and the best banana cake in town with dulce de leche butter. Totally worth the wait.

Breakfast at Mrs S - Poached eggs, bacon, cornbread with maple syrup. Divine!

Studio Apartment in Sydney - deluxe holiday !
Gift for Mr B - Mighty Mug - A mug that won't fall over.  
I should have bought another one for myself!