Monday, October 31, 2011

{ Inspired } Modern Twist to Fairytales

Stumbled upon this artist when I was reading through the top 10 blogs that my sister recommended. Love his take on the classic fairy tales by giving them a modern twist. The posters reminded me of some of my jewelry pieces that were my rendition of the classic fairy tales. Here are some of my favorites from his collection.

Goldilocks & the Three Bears
Papa bowl was too hot, Mama bowl was too cold and Baby bowl was just right.

The Princess and the Pea
Different layers of mattresses denoted by the colors and the tiny "bump" on each layer made by the pea.

LinkThe Three Little Pigs
What each house is made of (i.e. straw, wood, brick)

Here are more.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

{ Personal } Lazy Sunday

Tiny Tiramisu @ Jones the Grocer

Had a really lazy Sunday today. Missed church. Went down to Paper Market @ City Hall and bought some packaging materials for the shop (some pretty brads & Christmas rub-ons). I also managed to buy some macarons from Canele (Yums!). Then we drove down to Cineleisure (B missed the Ion carpark entrance again) and checked out some of the fashion shops. One of my favorite vintage lifestyle shop has closed down. Somehow these shops do not last long in Singapore due to expensive rental. Stopped by at Jones the Grocer @ Mandarin Gallery for a quick coffee & tiramisu. Look at how "big" the dessert were for the 2 of us.. Absolutely tiny. The only thing cute was the cup. Visited another stationery shop, Woodswood. Totally love the place, I never get tired of just checking out each and every new item they have. If only we have more shops like these in Singapore (and survived long enough). Ended dinner at Xin Wang @ Cineleisure. I am so hooked on the dry noodles.. 2nd time there this week. (so not good for me)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

{ NEW } Freshly Done Today

Left to Right :
a. Chinoise Flower with Black Crystal Earrings
b. Gold Lace with Pearls Earrings
c. Gold Flower Lace with Pearl Necklace
d. Red Hot Air Balloon Glass Necklace
e. My Little Rudolph Earrings

Some have just been listed in my Etsy Shop, the rest will be listed through the week.

{ HEARTED } My Favorites for the week

Notebook Paper Fabric Pencil Case by printsnpatterns
Reminds me of my school days. You can even customize it with your own name!

Kitty Cat Ring by iluxo
Love the blanc & noir photo and look. Love the kitty ears.

Shooting Stars Earrings by erinelizabeth
Unique Freshwater Pearls in Stars. Think Little Twin Stars . Kiki Lala

Wolf Pin in Brass by sarahogren
Crazy about brooches . Mix of Regal & Whimsical . Wolves are hot too.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

{ FEATURED } Treasury : A Rainy Day

My Clear Raindrops Keep Falling Necklace is featured in Vera's "A Rainy Day" Treasury inspired by a Rainy Day in London.

Here are my favorite pieces from the collection.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{ NEW } Freshly Done Today

Made a & b, found c in my inventory box. Took all photos on my "McQueen" box.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{ Shopping } Black Shoes

Great shoes (top : tiny rhinestone at the back, below : lace black shoes but the ones I got are covered) that I got from Heatwave for the past 2 days of leave. One thing I love about Singapore is the fact that I can get affordable work shoes. I bought another 2 pairs + 1 jacket from bysi + 1 jacket from dressy dressy + 1 dress from taka. It may look alot but they are all for work. Great retail therapy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

♥ FEATURED ♥ Treasury : Rock Sugar

My Black Lava Rock Star Necklace is featured in dimitrART's Rock Sugar treasury! The collection featured anything rock and sweet at the same time!

Here's some of my favorites in the selection
  1. Joan Jett I Love Rock & Roll 80s Retro Mini Cassette Tape Clutch by Sugarshoxcrafts
    - I love Joan Jett! I am not sure if this should be a clutch, it looks more like a coin pouch.
  2. Cherry Red Clutch Purse with Silver Skulls, Crystals by rockfabricscissors
    - Now this is a clutch! Gorgeous red color! Definitely going into my Christmas wishlist.
  3. Black Lava Rock Star Necklace by Piggy
    - Love the porous (holes) of the Black Lava Rocks. Very unique material. Got them in lilac too!

♥ NEW ♥ Raindrops Keep Falling Collection

I love the rain. The sound of the pitter patter. The smell of the rain as they fall and hit the window panes.

One of my first fond memories of the rain is having tea with my best friday at TGIF glass house (which has since closed) and watching the rain hit against the glass house and passer-by rush along with their umbrellas. Another memory was when I was still studying in Melbourne. Love smelling and hearing the rain fall as I peer through my bedroom window. It was a welcome distraction from my mugging for my exams.

With these precious memories, I created a collection called "Raindrops Keep Falling" (Title came from a song that my younger brother used to play on the piano when we were little). It is a collection of necklaces and earrings with raindrop falling from clouds in matte silver or matte 14k gold.

  1. Raindrops Keep Falling Necklace { Original - Blue } - Matte Silver
  2. Raindrops Keep Falling Earrings { Original - Blue } - Matte Silver
  3. Raindrops Keep Falling Necklace { Clear } - Matte Silver
  4. Raindrops Keep Falling Necklace ( Clear - Iridescent ) - Matte 14k Gold

Watch out for its nemesis Acid Rain coming soon.

♥ NEW ♥ Czech Glass Beads Earrings . Bright Citrus Hues

These are the new earrings that I made with the vintage Czech glass beads that I found during one of my beads hunts. I made 3 pairs of earrings; each with a different mix of the citrus hues. I love the bright citrus colors as well as the unique twirl design of the glass beads. As you can see some of the beads are opaque in color and some has a tinge of translucent. Not one bead is exactly the same as the other.

  1. Cherry Tomatoes - red + orange + yellow
  2. Lemon Meringue Pie - orange + yellow + pale yellow
  3. Custard Tart - orange + yellow + cream yellow

Gone too long

It's been a long time since I post any entry on my blog. OMG it is more than a year. The truth is that I deliberately took time off and wanted to stop writing my blog as I was conflicted about using it to share my jewelry creations and using it to share the things that I love.

After much thoughts, I decided that since it is supposed to be MY BLOG I should be able to do both and not focus too much attention of whether it will bring me more sales. Tsk... Ta da! Here I am.