Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have been to Japan before.. but I guess the last trip was probably the most BORING trip ever..probably because it was a work trip and not a holiday one.. I was so bored that I began to find out that Japanese folks are really great in their customer service and every detailed and sensitive to people's needs.... through the little things in life... i mean at work / hotel.
  1. Great idea to have a stirrer cum stopper for takeaway coffee at Starbucks.
    Back home, whenever, I take away coffee at Starbucks or other coffee place, they usually just put sticky tape over the "opening". That not only does not prevent the coffee from spilling, usually my napkins will be "soaked" in coffee after I travel back to the office. In Japan, they actually have a pretty green stirrer and stopper that they put at the opening to prevent the coffee from spilling. It has a bit of weight which sits very snugly.

  2. Toilet Seat that washes your "A**"
    In Japan, all good toilet seats come in a personal A** washer that helps to wash your anus and vulva after a good poo or pee. After searching the wiki, these are called washlets. In Some toilets, they even have seat warmers to help to warm your bum especially during the cold winter. How thoughtful is that?! Let's just hope it does not malfunction during summer :)

  3. Branded Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Soap
    Love the Shiseido brand of toiletries. With the dispensers, they help to save the planet too.

  4. Lighted Mirrors
    In hotels, it is very common to have an additional small mirror to help you to come up close and personal when you examine your face (e.g. for pimples) :P In the hotel that I stayed in Japan, they even have a light together with that mirror.

  5. Personal Reading Lamps
    In hotels, it is also very common to have bedside lamps but it is the first for me to have personal reading lamps that you can adjust next to your bed.

Overall, I had a good time in Japan, weather was cold but great.. nice change from the hot Singapore. Here's a cute Christmas tree that I saw outside of Banana Republic, the little shopping bags are actually Christmas lights for the tree.


Beat Black said...

such an interesting read. i don't think i feel to good about the ass washer, haha

Cara said...

fun post. You read about other places, but don't always get the little details that nobdy thinks are important.

Mayhem said...

Interesting stuff :)

Michelle said...

ooo very cool! I totally would love to go one day!

Piggy said...

BeatBlack - I know what you mean, you should try it someday. It feels funny but kinda cool at the same time :)

Cara - Thanks! I guess I was alone so I tend to take note on little things..

Mayhem & Michelle - Thanks! Tokyo is a great city to visit :)

Estela said...

wow, I wish they would put those stoppers in my coffee here!