Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's In Your Shopping Bag? (August 09)

I was introduced this little cute thing from my friends recently. They are the most brilliant invention to date.

Do you always have the problem of keeping your fringe / hair out of your face when washing it or putting on makeup? What do you use? Headband? or Just tie your hair up?

Now... Try this... Dariya Hair Magic Sheets. It is a little sheet with micro hooks (looks like Velcro) that sticks to your hair and prevents them from falling! How cool is that! Every pack comes in 2 pieces and there are 3 colors to choose from. There are pink, black & blue. I was really tempted to buy the black ones bute my friends discourage me from it cos they have experienced where they walk out of the house with those patches on without knowing!.. lol! :)

It's $7.00 from my local shop. If you would like to try and cannot get any near where you are.. Convo me :)


Angie said...

lol! I can imagine myself walking out of the house like that:)

Kathleen McGiveron said...

Nice blog!