Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tagged!! - 10 of my Favorite Things

I was tagged by Nicole sometime ago to do a blog post about 10 of my Favorite things. So here goes, not in any order!

  1. Macaroons - I simply LOVE LOVE them. So light & tasty treats. The really good ones are quite expensive in Singapore. Nevertheless, I can never control myself to get some every time I walk pass a Macaroons / Pastry shop. My favorite flavor is Hazelnuts!

  2. Souffle - This is another French dessert that I simply must have if it is ever on the menu. I recall visiting a restaurant in Paris which specializes in Souffles. They have the savory ones which we do not get in Singapore.

  3. Sex & the City - Even though the TV series has stopped running and the movie is out. I still love the show and somehow you never get tired of watching them over and over again. Even if it is just to check out the fashion, bags & shoes. :)

  4. God - HE is my everything and without him, nothing around me would matter and anything is possible with Him by my side.

  5. My Hubby & Family - He is my life partner and best friend. He makes me laugh & giggle like a little girl. We share everything (almost) and I thank #4 for making him mine. Family (mum, dad, in laws, siblings) is always something close to my heart.

  6. Pigs - Love them since I was little. I think they are just adorable whether they are babies or adults. Thus my shop name I guess.

  7. Moscato or Ice Wine - My favorite drink. I can drink this all night long...

  8. Music - I am always humming a tune, whether I am walking along the street or having a shower. I love music of all genres but rock, alternative, punk, jazz, house & chill are some of my favorite.

  9. My bed - The place that I spend at least 7 hours in. Got a nice king size one that is simply divine.

  10. My Car - I don't owe a very fancy car (I drive a Toyota Altis) but I simply can't live without having one after driving for so many years. Even though Singapore is a small country. The convenience is something that I have gotten used to and taken for granted sometimes :P Although now I have to share it with my hubby.. kekek :)
Not sure how many of mine are also your favorites.. but do share yours.


Aloquin said...

Hi Piggy! Wonderful list... God is top on my list, too. Do you know about the DAWG Group? They are a group of online, Christian creators... check them out if you get a chance:

Love your blog...I'm definitely following :)

Anonymous said...

How about eating macaroons while watching Sex & the City :)

cabin + cub said...

mmmm... macaroons and souffle... yum! maybe you can eat them in bed?

Rachael said...

Definitely love SATC ~ I want to own the series one day.

southwestskyjewelry said...

Ohhhhh...the darling little piggies!

I love your top ten list..God is my #1 also!!!

My husband is my bff and makes me laugh 2-3 times a feels so good to laugh

"Project Runway" is my Fav TV Show...if you have never seen it, give it a try sometime...

Great Blog you have...if you like, you can follow mine at: