Friday, November 21, 2008

I am BACK !!!

I just got back from Taiwan!! Yippee! I was good to be back.. I miss my hubby, my own bed and working on my Etsy shop.. The weather was unexpectedly cold. Luckily I got grabbed 2 of my winter sweaters at the last minute before zipping up my luggage.. The wind and the chilliness reminds me of Australia.. Melbourne when I was studying there..

I am still in the midst of unpacking and sorting out my photos.. so I will post them on my next blog post.

Just wanted to share some blessed news.. When I got back from my work trip... I found out that I have 6 sales!! :D *grin grin* And.. I was included in this Treasury by Leelinau! Ooh. I feel so blessed!! I am so energizer to start creating new pieces for the shop! Can't wait to start .. *yawn*.. tomorrow.. ok.. will share more.. tomorrow then..


Leslie said...

Awesome treasury! congrats on the sales! Glad ya made it back safe! Thanks for the comment on my blog.The ice cream was once a cute looking little ice cream cone lol he had a strawberry vanilla & chocolate. He loves them.

Piggy said...

Leslie - Thanks! :D

demandablog said...

Taiwan! How exciting. :D I would love to do some real traveling someday. Congrats on all your sales!