Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - A New Beginning

It's 2010! The new year dawns a new beginning for Piggy's Little Shop. I was just deep in thoughts in the cab on the way back home today from a hard day's work. What do I need to do more for my shop in 2010? Here's what I have come up with...
  1. Planning - More planning definitely required this year... past year has been more impromptu.
  2. Blog - Definitely blog more and setup a consistent and structured schedule (e.g. giveaways & finds)
  3. Marketing - explore other channels of marketing (e.g. cross & blogs) and come up with a marketing plan (campaigns & launches) by month.
  4. Consistent - revamp my name cards, banners, avatar, photos to have a consistent look.
Looking back 2009 has been a great year. I met my KPI for the year in terms of sales, setup my monthly newsletter and birthday promotions and did more research for the shop. Overall, I am happy with my progress and I am excited to kick start the new year.

So look out for exciting & latest activities from Piggy's Little Shop!


Eclectic Wendy said...

Great picture! You can find my blog at!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog and great goals - many of mine are the same!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog - glad you stopped by so I could now follow you!

Tessa said...

I loved reading your list of goals, and my goals for the year are very similar. I hope we both have an awesome 2010!

Hypnotransformations said...

I'm hoping to do the same this year. Thanks for putting it in a list, it's all in my head right now =)
Thanks for visiting my blog too, hope you like Invictus!

marlene said...

Do you realize what all you have said in your writing(s). You hold another FULL time job, involved with coworkers, your mother, your husband, your family, your home and your church. That is really an accomplishment!
Amazing is what you are!