Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7 Deadly Sins - Wrath

I wanted to blog something happy initially as I finally got over my Monday blues. But something happened to me today that compel me to blog and get some feedback from my blog friends.

Million Dollar Qn
Have you ever gotten to ANGRY with a customer that you REFUSE to do business with them?

For me... YES I have gotten angry with some customers but to the point of not ever doing business with me, NO. I think customer service is very important personally and no matter how angry we may be due to unreasonable or ridiculous customer, it still pays to be polite and objective. I tend to "play the ball not the man".

What do you think?

What happened you might ask?
I was asked by a friend to inquire about an item from this seller. My friend told me that this seller has not been responsive to her so things might be different if I was the one asking since I am a fellow crafter and I have not conversed with this seller before etc.

Anyway, things went on great and I was going to purchase 2 items, 1 for my friend and the other myself (yes I was tempted to get something for myself). As my friend wanted to pay via another mode of payment, I thought it may be more convenient if there were 2 listings and my friend can just purchase it herself. After that last convo, I got a reply asking me to tell my friend to refrain from contacting them any more whether it was via her directly or proxy.

My reaction : What the Fxxx?


Sarah said...

That's very strange. I could see cutting off business with someone whom you thought was attempting to scam you, or who had a history of malicious retaliatory feedback, but I can't see how you and your friend did anything wrong in that transaction. It's a mystery.

MagicMarkingsArt said...

what the who indeed! very weird.

Miss Mish Mish said...

hmm sometimes I find that things on line get complicated for no reason!

Piggy said...

Yes I agree. It's a mystery. Maybe like what Miss Mish Mish said, things online or sending convos online not being able to talk face to face do bring about some mis-communication or get complicated. I am sure it's just a mis-understanding. :)

Audrey said...

Weird! I do have one customer that I would not do business with again, because it was a nightmare. I created a custom piece for them, took photos (which they approved), and then was insulted and asked for a refund. She also gave me neutral feedback after the refund after I had given her positive.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there are always two sides to the story.

Piggy said...

Audrey - I hear you. What would you do if the same customer purchase an item from you again? Would you reject her?

Nikki said...

Not all craft people are "business people" and should keep it as a hobby. I can't speculate what you friend might have said to get that reaction but I would have stayed out of it. I just contacted Paypal resolution from an item I never received after repeated communication attempts yet the company still sends me advertisements. Go Figure! Thanks for sharing.

Piggy said...

Nikki - Ya, I guess if I do not hear from this seller again, I am just not fated to have those earrings. :(

Bethany Dirksen said...

Some people are just idiots.

I have had several instances where people are rude or just don't respond when I want to buy something from them. I am shocked sometimes at how they treat customers. Agreed that not all crafters are sales people.