Monday, December 26, 2011

{ Personal } It's Christmas!

Spent a wonderful Christmas with my good friends last Sunday. We had dinner at my place. No one cooked (really), I made some salad, B made some hors d'oeuvre and of cos we stocked up our fridge with drinks and alcohol! The Christmas tree was all decorated with presents stacked beneath. We had a Christmas wreath that were blinking with lights too! Check out all the photos below.

The whole gang. with the exception of J who is in NZ

My Christmas Tree with the presents beneath.
Check out my hot red sofa on the left and B's electronic piano on the right. You can also peek at th
e "Esc" cushion that E made for us. It is part of the "Del", "Alt" and "Ctrl" cushion collection.

B & I in our "Sushi" t-shirts from Threadless. Love love this t-shirt design.
It reminds me of us always sleeping and hogging the bolster!

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

Nice to see you blogging again really! :)