Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buying Jewelry 101 - Guide to Necklaces Lengths

Ever gotten confused about the length when buying necklaces online?

Here's a useful guide.
  1. Collar - Length 12" - 14"
    Three or more strands of beads which lie snuggly on the middle of the necklace. They compliment boat neck, V-neck and off-the shoulder clothing.

  2. Choker- Length 14" - 16"
    Compliments any neckline and can be worn with formal and casual clothing. This is a good necklace length for a child.

  3. Princess - Length 17" - 19"
    Suited with high and plunging neckline clothing. Perfect length to support a pendant.

  4. Matinee - Length 20" - 25"
    Ideal with casual or business attire. Also suited to long sundresses and formal gowns. The extra length gives the wearer a sense of luxury and confidence.

  5. Opera - Length 26" - 36"
    Worn as a single strand or doubled to create a choker. It can also be knotted. Perfect for high or crew necklines also.

  6. Rope - Length 37" or longer
    Elegant and sexy. Can be knotted, doubled over and even slung over the shoulder. Clasps can be strategically placed to allow the necklace to be broken down into shorter length necklace and even bracelets.

  7. Lariat - Length 48" or longer
    This is not joined at the ends but tied in a knot or wrapped around the neck.
My favorite style is the Princess as you can see in most of my necklaces in my shop. How about you?


Glitzer said...

I love this post! Very nice one! My fave is probably the longer chains such as the Matinee... but I thought lariats should be shorter... none te lss love the post! Fab one!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Princess - great length for open collars!

lollywood said...

My favorite is the Matinee.. I have a big neck, so under 18" is basically a choker on me, lol!

Rebecca - iceblueberries said...

very helpful! I make crochet necklaces on my site, so these measurements will come in handy.

Annette said...

My favorite is the matinee. I'm a big girl and need the extra length!

Karen said...

My favorite is the princess length. That is great info to know...thanks for sharing. I just started making necklaces and I will have to bookmark this page!
I love your shop! Your hummingbird necklace is so pretty.

Have a great day:)

Bethany Dirksen said...

I very much enjoy the look of the super long necklaces, but almost never end up wearing them because they always get in the way. I usually stick with some of the mid length ones for work. I guess it depends on your devotion to fashion!

Quirks said...

That is a really handy guide, thank you :D i think the majority of the necklaces in my shop are matinee

José said...


If you like the shoes but they're too big for you, maybe you can convince your significant other to use them :-)
That way you can see them on.

Have fun,


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