Thursday, December 19, 2013

Piggy's 2013 Christmas List

  1. Cozy Mug Sweater US$16.50 - What better way to keep both my favorite Christmas drink warm and hands too!  You even get to pick the colors.
  2. Things That Age Well - Letterpress card US$5.00 - Great associations and company. :) 
  3. Large Porcelain Crystal Necklace in 14k Gold Luster US$108.00 - They look like stockings, don't they?  Perfect Christmas accessory! 
  4. Rudolf, Red-nosed Reindeer Christmas Necklace US$28.00 - Totally adorable.  I believe you can customize the "nose" for different seasons.
  5. Classic Tool Chess Set US$295.00 - Perfect Gift for a Geek husband.
  6. Diamond Star Lapis Lazuli Bracelet US$211.00 - Get a little twinkle for your wrist.  It would be great as a choker.
  7. Olive You - Pillow Cover US38.00 - I ♥ You 
  8. Chocolate Brown Boot Thigh high socks US$19.50 - Sexy and sweet.

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