Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bats in January

I received my "Bat heels" in the mail today! I was totally thrilled.  They are my first 'Charlotte Olympia' shoes.  I don't usually buy fancy / branded shoes as I wear out my heels easily.  But when I saw these shoes on sale ~70% discount from the original price @ net-a-porter, I knew I had to have them! ... my precious...

[About my shoes] They came in a beautiful box with Charlotte Olympia's signature gold spider web and black spider icon.  Underneath the shoes, you will also find a gold spider web charm.  The shoes were wrapped in spider web decorated tissue paper and a matching shoe bag was included.  There was even a Polaroid photo of the shoes which can be placed outside your shoe box!  Perfect for shoe divas who have TOO MANY shoes boxes to know which shoes are in them!

To complete my day, I am loving these beautiful earrings that I got from one of my best friends for Christmas.  (Thanks J!)  I can't wait to wear them when I go back to work tomorrow. 

New Shoes . New Jewelry

I hope the start of January has been great for you too.

♥ Ms Piggy

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