Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year . New Calendars

One of my must-dos as I approach the New Year is to find a new calendar for my desk.  I don't use them so much at home but I do find them superbly helpful at work.  Even though all my appointments are captured in my Outlook, I still like to jot down key dates or milestones on my desk calendar so that I can view them at a glance.  I also take my calendar to meetings when schedules and dates are being discussed.

Things that I look for in a desk calendar.
  1. Sufficient Space to jot down my dates
  2. Public Holidays for Asia countries and also UK (if possible) to know the dates to avoid when planning events
  3. Good size that sits nicely on my desk without taking too much space
  4. Eye candy graphics that inspires or intrigues me when I am bored!
Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Nautical Wall Calendar US$20.00 - Look at that ample space in the calendar! Even though this is a wall calendar, the Nautical design is too good to be missed.  I am a fan of anything Nautical. Thus if you are like me or you have a friend who is also a fan.  This is the perfect gift for the New Year.
  2. Colorful Prints and Patterns Desk Calendar US$20.00 - What a burst of colors and prints by Kristina Kraemer! Perfect inspiration catalyst.
  3. Minima Printable PDF Calendar US$10.00 - Customise this calendar with the birthdays of your loved ones and you won't miss a date! Great price too!
  4. Chalkboard Wall Grid Calendar US$29.95 - I ♥ Typography!
  5. Romantics Desk Calendar US$15.00 - Perfect gift for true romantics.  With an additional $5, you can even customise it with birthdays and anniversaries!
  6. Watercolor Art Calendar US$21.95 - Love the colorful hand-drawn watercolor lettering.
  7. Minimalist Monthly Calendar US2.76 - If you are on a budget, do not fret! This minimalist yet stylish calendar would be perfect for your desk.
  8. Somee Desk Calendar US$14.99 - This is not the usual type of calendars that I would normally like but I can't help but drawn to the daily funny and irrelevant humor of this calendar.  Perfect gift for your workmates. 

Have you pick out your 2014 calendar yet?

♥ Ms Piggy

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