Monday, January 27, 2014

Buzzing with Views

My little Golden Bee bracelet has been buzzing with views lately! I was so thrilled when I got a mail from "Etsy Popular Listing Emails" about it.  I didn't even know Etsy tracks such things!  It was a pleasant surprise indeed.

The email went on to say :

"A spike in traffic might mean that your item is being featured on Etsy or somewhere else online. Take a peek at where that traffic is coming from:...."

After much investigation (Ms Piggy puts on her detective cap), I found out that my item was featured on a blog called "Captain on Deck - Phasers on Stunning". Taking a wild guess, this blogger must be a Trekkie (fan of Star Trek).  So am I!  My little bee bracelet were among the gorgeous collection of bee jewelry from Etsy crafters.  The article had a great number of views and was reposted a number of times.  Check out the featured items here.

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