Sunday, February 9, 2014

Roses for Valentine

Valentine's Day for me every year is always a busy one.  Not with jewelry but with flowers!  Mum is a florist and every Valentine's day, I will always take time off from work to help her at the shop.  You would think after so many years I would know at least how to make a bouquet.  Unfortunately no, I always stick to the sales and delivery department.

This year, due to Baby A and having to just came back from work in January, I am unable to take leave during V-day.  Sorry mum!

As a tribute to my Mum, here is Miss Piggy's V-day List.  It's all about FLOWERS this V-day!
  1. Paper Roses with Stems from Book Pages US$20.00 - Gorgeous way to recycle old books and decorate your home.
  2. Petite Red Roses Stud Earrings US$9.00 - Small but beautiful.  There is nothing quite like red roses.. especially on your ears.
  3. Rose Icing Cupcake US$8.95 - Totally adorable! What about a rose cupcake ring?
  4. Rose Flower Floral Wax Seal Stamp US$20.00 - I love wax seal.  Nothing quite like a love letter sealed with a "rose".
  5. Rose Quartz Rose Ring US$48.00 - Beautiful and delicate.  Love the thorny branch ring band.
  6. Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Red Rose Necklace US$35.00 - A single blooming rose in a glass dome.
  7. Crochet Pattern Rose Field Baby Blanket US$7.00 - Love those rose patches . Would make a beautiful blanket for a baby.  Pattern Check.  Baby Check. Now who to sew?
  8. Starbucks Rose and Leaf Necklace US$16.95 - Perfect upcycle jewelry .  Now you are enjoy Starbucks and wear it!

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