Saturday, February 15, 2014

Write a Love Letter with Yahoo!

I have been a Yahoo Mail user for a long time.  Even though there are times when I contemplated of switching providers, but Yahoo Mail continues to surprise me with new features.  The latest one is quite fun to play with. 

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Yahoo has introduced a small heart icon right next to the Compose button. By pressing it, you’ll get some holiday specific letters.

You can have Yahoo Mail auto compose you a message under three categories – “Crazy in Love,” “Friendly in Love,” and “All Out of Love.”

Depending on what you choose, Yahoo will compose an e-mail for you, which can lead to pretty hilarious messages.

While love messages will start with various endearments, those sent under the “Friendly in Love” category will start with phrases such as “Dearest pal” and “To my generous friend.”

Here are some examples of the love letters that Yahoo auto compose for you.

" Dear babycakes,
To know you is to love you. My lifelong goal will be to fulfill your every wish. When we are apart, I am lost without hope. You are my hero. My love-hero.
With tender loving care, XXX "

" To my sunshine,
I can't tell you how glad I am that we met. Your loving support has made me a better person. I've seen you at your worst and it really wasn't that bad! When making my plans for this evening, I'll first ask myself what you would do.
Most sincerely, XXX "

" To whom it may concern,
At least we have each other! All by myself... don't wanna be all by myself. I'm mostly just bummed that nobody will be giving me an adorable puppy wearing a red bow (hint, hint). If you need me, I'll be in the Honeymoon Suite at the Heartbreak Hotel.
Love?! Pshhhht. XXX"

Not sure how long this feature will be available till but it's great to have fun with it while it lasts.  Happy Valentine's Day.

♥ Ms Piggy

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