Monday, April 27, 2009

Etsy Treasury - Today's Showcase

I am honored to be included in an Etsy Treasury yet again! This time the treasury is called Today's Showcase by ozzana which features a selection of beautiful flowers and berries.

From the selection, this item is my favorite.. It a Berry Hat by BackThennishVintage! I have never seen a berry hat before. I thought it is just adorable.

My little Hedgehog necklace was also included in the treasury! I think it's just adorable to have this little thing burrowing among the beautiful flowers and hunting the berries! Don't you think he is adorable?


Frenchell said...

Great treasury!

Piggy said...

Thanks Frenchell!

Bellissima said...

What a lovely Treasury - Congrats! Lots of wonderful colors, texture, pattern - tons of visual interest! Nice :)