Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BEWARE - Fake Paypal Email Notification

I recently received a paypal email notification stating that my paypal account has been limited temporary due to some several failed log in attempts. There was this case number and a statement to say in order to restore your account please log in correctly and there is this link.

I clicked on the link and it brought me to a paypal log in page. I tried to log in and they direct me to an credit card page where I was asked to fill in my credit card details and this ATM pin number. Anyway, after trying several times I failed and I was a bit worried as I thought all the trouble that I have to go through to call the paypal helpdesk to restore my account.

Then I tried to log into paypal separately by typing in the paypal website address and I was able to go in... I did a quick compare between the 2 log in sites.. it then I realised it was a FAKE site!!!

I was SO SO MAD and SCARED... I then
  1. Change my paypal password and credit card details.
  2. Report / forward the fake email and fake paypal website to Paypal helpdesk.
    [Email :]
  3. Suspended my credit cards (those that I key in accidentally).
  4. Virus scan my laptop to make sure that there was no virus attached to my laptop from the fake site.
Overall the whole ordeal make me more wary of such emails.
TO EVERYONE : Please beware of such emails and websites! Here's the screen capture of the email received!


Walk in the Woods said...

Yeah ... phishing is VITAL to know about AND recognize.

Piggy said...

Walk in the Woods - I so agree!

sassyglassdesigns said...

I receive those also....Paypal will use your name if it is from them. If you are not sure about the email, forward it to and they will send back an email and tell you whether it is valid or not...they usually are not. It is so scary out there. My CC company called me a couple weeks ago to ask me about some charges on my CC which were not mine. Someone got it somehow thru an online purchase. Of course I wasn't liable but it makes you want to never use CC's again. Hope it all works out.

Frenzy23 said...

Yikes! Thanks for the warning!