Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{ FEATURED } Treasury : I dreamt that I could fly

My Black Crystal Butterfly Earrings were featured in Aki's "I dreamt that I could fly" Treasury inspired by wings that take flight.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the selection.Edible Butterflies by SugarRobot
"Beautiful & delicious at the same time. I love them. I would want them on my wedding cake."

Trio of Feathers Ring by HeatherKent
"I love the delicate details of the feathers. I can't imagine that these are handpainted."

Black Crystal Butterfly Stud Earrings by Piggy
"The crystals give these butterflies the extra sparkle when you wear them on your ears."

1 comment:

Brooke Shambley said...

I'm thinking butterflys are big right now. I saw the search term "white butterfly" is getting tons of hits. Like the cake picture!