Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{ Personal } Scorpio's Birthday

It's my hubby's birthday tomorrow (technically today, it's 1.20am in Singapore). And I am on leave! Great to be out of the office given the recent low mood but also I get to spend some quality time with B. And yes, he's a Scorpio an unlikely match for an Aries if you asked me. :) We are going to have a nice brekkie (fingers crossed that I will wake up on time. I am so not a morning person) & followed by catching a movie (Tin Tin!). I need to drop some orders off the post too and buy a swimsuit. We planned to spend some time at the pool on Friday. Yes I am on leave on Friday too :) LONG Weekend for me..

In honor of his birthday, here's sneak peek into a new collection of mine, Hello Kitty Zodiac Collection. I have launched a couple of necklaces. Counting down the zodiac signs.

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