Saturday, November 26, 2011

{ HEARTED } My Favorites for the week

I have been really busy at work this week, fell sick on Thursday with a really bad migraine / headache. I thought it might be due to the way I sleep (flat pillow) but I think it might be due to a lack of sleep. I work in a bank during the day and after work, I come back and work on my Etsy shop. It has been a great week at the shop with the Black Friday and coming Cyber Monday. Still I managed to pick out some of the items that I adore this week.

Bells Earrings by liliumjewelry
"I totally love the bell shaped flowers of these earrings. As my mum is a florist, I really love how the artist creates these jewelry inspired by nature.

The Engagement by meluseena
"I totally love this print. It reminded me about the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and Alice would be the one next to him. This would be a plausible reason with the Syfy's version of Alice. I love the animals engaging with humans as equal, very surreal."
Felted Soap Red Flower with White Bunny by SoFino
" I love the red and white contrast in the soap. I have not used a felted soap before. In the Asia, people tend to use liquid soaps more as compared to bar soaps. I think it is more convenient. When I was studying in Australia, I tried using bar soaps as there are alot more variety (esp the essential oil ones) as compared to the liquid soaps."

Bunny Rabbit Studs Earrings by DestinysCreations
"I love these earrings! They reminds me of Miffy. One of my favorite childhood characters. I read the Chinese version though."

** Noticed how most of them are rabbit / bunny related? :) I love them! Rabbits are cuddly and adorable.

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