Thursday, November 17, 2011

{ Like } Blue Fever

I have a recent case of Blue Fever. Bought 3 blue jackets (same cobalt blue shade but with different lining). They seem to be the coolest shade around and I look really good in them especially with jeans which I only get to wear on Fridays to work or over the weekends. B always calls them my Friday Jackets.

I managed to find great blue dresses (on Sale!) while ishopping (internet shopping) and I paired them with some of my jewels from my Etsy shop. Check them out!

ASOS Premium Shift Dress in Lace $43.13
Little Blue Hearts Stud Earrings $8.00
Chinoise Chain Necklace in Blue $38.00

ASOS Dress with Scallop Detail $26.96
I Love You Locket Necklace $26.00
Cinderella Drops Vintage Glass Earrings $16.50

Spent the day with B celebrating his birthday. We started with an awesome breakfast at Wild Honey (although there was a sudden power shortage!), followed by a Tin Tin Movie (loved the comics version better.) Also spent some time browsing at Kino (last surviving bookshop chain in Singapore). B got some books for his birthday and I bought some tissue wrapping paper for my Etsy Shop (I am crazy over packaging and these were on SALE!). Oh! We also got new swimming gears. Ah.. Love to go downtown on a weekday. (although there are many teens out and about today, don't they have to go to school? *sulk*)

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