Saturday, November 26, 2011

{ Personal } Reflection

It's Sunday. I missed church and cell today. Just 3 hours from my mum's birthday dinner, I am sitting in front of my laptop reading and checking out new blogs. I am envious of those blogs where the bloggers seems to be able to write and type out their experience so easily (not just pure ranting but in a way that made readers intrigue and interested). Maybe my heart is just not at the right place... something to think about.

Black Friday has been a great day with sales "pouring" in. I love packaging my orders and sending them off to the post. To me that is the best part of the process. (Photographing the items is the worst part of the process for me. Not something that I enjoy." Customer service is also one that I really enjoy. I love conversing with potential customers or even just Etsians who will drop me a convo clarifying about the items. I always find it a treat if I can help a customer make their decision between items to purchase especially if it is for a friend or love ones. The experience is gratifying. Definitely more so than making the item itself!

Here's what I go through....
  1. Sourcing Materials (enjoy - cos that's shopping)
  2. Constructing an idea and making the item (enjoy - cos it involves thinking, reading & making)
  3. Taking photos of the completed pieces (boo - hate that. I always end up with a fix set of positions.)
  4. Editing photos (ok boo - it doesn't take too long but not enjoyable)
  5. Listing items on the shop (ok boo - I often take a while to think of a new name and what to write in the description.)
  6. Promoting the items on FB/Twitter (ok boo - doesn't really take that long)
  7. Receiving an order / receiving a convo (hurray! - love that feeling)
  8. Packaging the order (hurray! - love picking out the little tapes, brads and other stationery in making the package complete.)
  9. Off to the post office (enjoy - although my hubby does that for me these day.)
  10. Informing customers of posted items (enjoy - a sigh of relief.)

That's my life outside my day job :) . Of cos, there are others like planning ahead of places to market my items and the promotion to run.. what's your process like and what's your favorite part of it?

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