Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's In Your Shopping Bag? (June 09)

I have been really busy at work lately due to a go live of a integration project that I manage. I am been really stressed out. Nevertheless, when I am stressed, I shop! (I eat too!) Here's what I have in my shopping bag this month. I can't wait for them to get here!
  1. Postcard Sampler from theblackapple
    I have always been a fan of Emily Martin (aka Black Apple) but just have not got round to getting anything from her shop. Finally, I found these great postcard samplers which makes the perfect addition to my postcard collection!. I bought The Ordinary Forest and Milkland postcard samplers. I love the milkland designs and colors (pastel grey/green and dusty pink colors.) The doll-like drawings are intriguing and interesting.

  2. Lil Wee Pals from lilweepals
    These little wee pals are so delicate and cute. I love the shyness of these little creatures. I can't wait to have them donning my bookshelf! Taking advantaging of the free shipping promotions, I bought 3 of them! They are Butterfly Kisses, Lucky ladybug (pictured) and Bless this Home.
Hope you enjoyed what I bought and recommended. So what do you have in your shopping bag this month?


Jess said...

I have nithing in mine yet.... :)

Jen said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the peek in your bag!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I totally love postcards too! Hmmm... have to figure a way to incorporate them into my blog.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. :)

elsiee said...

no wonder I'm grumpy it's been WAY to long since I went on a little Etsy spree - I believe it's time!

Little Dickens Designs said...

I'm on a spending hiatus since I'm taking a trip in early August :( cute items you have picked out though!

Amie McCracken said...

This was in my shopping bag...

So cute!


Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Great Finds!
I don't have anything in mine. Looking for steady income right now.
If I has the extra cash my shopping bag would definitely include some luxurious soaps and sugar scrubs:)

Great blog!

cabin + cub said...

Ooh love the Black Apple.. her dolls and paintings are so cute! Lucky you!

ChicInfinity said...

I find that there's SO much on Etsy that it's really hard to find something to buy.. or at least narrow it down.. I do have my eye on quite a few things right now but gotta work on my budget!




Kylie B said...

Oh wow Fantastic Shopping :)