Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Finds

Had fun browsing the Etsy shops today.. and look what I found!!
Found 2 awesome pieces to be added to my "Wish List" for Christmas.

The first piece is this beautiful purple jasper bracelet, "Purple People Eater Bracelet" by jadescott. What a cute name. Reminds me of that song by Sheb Wooley! I love jadescott's jewelry and her photos. The consistent lime green background is her trademark and allows people to recognise her pieces easily.

The second piece is these flower stack rings by foundling! I am into stack rings these days and I have been playing with the idea of making some.. Anyways, these stack rings are so pretty & vintage looking with those beautiful enamel flowers! Foundling's photos have very interesting backgrounds as well. She uses books with words which again makes her photos consistent and easily recognizable.

2 Great pieces by 2 wonderful artists!


Darlingdillydilly said...

Such beautiful choices .. I love the rings they are so delicate! Great blog by the way! (

Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo gorgeous finds!

Debbie Gootter said...

Great finds.

oriental banana said...

i love the stacking rings! off to visit her store. thanks for sharing your finds :)

Shay said...

Great blog.