Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedding Preparation

I am finally having my customary wedding on the 7 Dec. The wonderful thing about it is that my folks had finally agreed to just going through with a simple tea ceremony and lunch reception without having the trouble to prepare for a huge wedding dinner. This agreement saved us alot of hassle given that my hubby & I got married legally 2 years ago and have been staying with each other for about a year.

Anyway, I have made a preparation list for my wedding...
  1. Wedding Gown (custom made by D'sire - yet to see the final sketch though
  2. Wedding Shoes (TBC) - will shop around for them after my gown is ready.
  3. Groom's Tux (TBC) - may not be required if he wears the one from our ROM 2 years ago.
  4. Wedding Bouquet & Corsages (made by my mum) - yet to decide on the flowers
  5. Wedding Cake (booked by my cousin) - It's going to be white with pink flowers
  6. Catering for Lunch Reception (TBC) - need to find a caterer that does a marquee.
  7. Catering for my In-laws place (TBC) - need to find a caterer that does small quantity.
Wow.. that's quite alot of TBC and it's mid October already!! Looking at the bright side of things, my Mumbai trip got cancelled *yippie!* so I got time to work on the above in the next few weeks. Sigh... alots to do and so little time...

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oriental banana said...

thanks for visiting my blog. yours is beautiful! good luck with your wedding preparations :)