Friday, October 10, 2008

Going Retail............

A few weeks ago, I was approached by this lady from Retail Adventure and was looking at renting shop space. Locally, there have similar concept shops that sprung for the past year.

The concept is very simple. A normal retail shop sections the "wall" or showcase shelves space into many boxes / spaces. Then the shop owner will look to rent out these spaces aka "boxes" to different vendors. So in the end, the rent of the whole shop is being shared by over 50 vendors who owned a section of the shop space. One can lease the "boxes" by months and is responsible for the decoration and display of their items. Sales assistants will be provided / hired by the shop owner. Commission may be given to the sales assistants as incentives to boost the sales.

Ok.. back to this lady from the Retail Adventure. They have a shop at a local mall and they are looking to rent out a 2ft by 1.5ft space for $350. I am still considering whether it is a good option to extend my network locally by retail instead of just having my items on sale online.

I have to drop by the local mall to have a look and sense of the crowd & target audience... *Wish Me Luck!*


Moosecorn said...

WOW....alot of work must have gone into creating your blog. The blig is fun and I really like the color combos!

Good luck on going Retail!

smokeymountainscents said...

Wow, great blog! I love the diamonds. The retail rental space sounds like a cool idea.