Saturday, October 18, 2008

Music Makes Me Happy

I spend the whole of yesterday night just searching for songs to include in my playlist.. If you stay on my blog long enough, you may get to hear a series of different type of music... While some people may be a strict specialist (only rock music, only pop music etc).. I love almost EVERYTHING (except Trance.. that's something I simply don't understand). I guess one thing in common about the type of music I love.. It has lyrics and I can easily sing along with the song!

Some of my all time favorites
  • Laisse Tomber Les Filles (France Gall) 1964
  • White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane) in 1967
  • Happy Together (The Turtles) in 1967
  • Pinball Wizard (The Who) in 1969
  • Wish You were here (Pink Floyd) 1975
  • Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) 1984
  • The World Falls Down (David Bowie) 1986
  • Love and Affection (Nelson) 1990
  • Lithium (Nirvana) 1992
  • Queer (Garbage) 1993
  • High (Lighthouse Family) 1997
  • Mambo Craze (De Phazz) 1999
  • Two People Fell in Love (Brad Paisley) in 2001
  • Beautiful Day cover by Kurt Nilsen during his World Idol contest
You can my trend of music over the years.. haha.. and maybe guess how old I am.. lol :D Rock baby!!


Leslie said...

That watch is awesome, i love it myself. I often find myself looking for new songs to add to my ipod too. i LOVE LOVE LOVE music as well.

\m/ o[0o]o \m/ rock on sista! :P

Estela said...

you have some fun ones on that playlist!!

piggy said...

Thanks peeps! :D

Fatally Cute said...

Looks like a great song list to me and I love the guitar and pick necklace.

Jeweltrinkets said...

I get my mojo from music too! Billy Idol! I remember he was popular when I was in highschool, LOL! Buddy Holly is another favorite!