Monday, October 27, 2008

What's in My Shopping Bag? - 27 Oct 2008

I bought these on Etsy a few weeks ago and they just arrived! These are the awesome quality handmade rubber stamps from Norajane on Etsy!

Norajane's family runs Rubber Stamp Tapestry ( Each stamp is handmade from start to finish. They specialize rubber stamps mainly in botanical images that can be combined to make one of a kind pieces of artwork. The largest part of their line of stamps are mounted on pegs for ease of use and for a stamping technique they referred to as “component stamping”. Their peg stamps are manufactured with placement lines which is a tool that her mother developed in early 2002 to make component stamping more precise and easy to do.

Here's one of those rubber stamps that I got. It is my favorite! One amazing feature that I love about these stamps are the pegs which are amazingly long as compared to those previous stamps that I bought. The long peg makes it easy to use. The stamp designs are also intricate and made to such great detail that when you use the stamp, these images appear exactly like the stamp.

I have bought many stamps in the past and sometimes when the rubber stamps are not made well, the stamped image appears like a BLOB! This is especially common when designs that have great details. Thus I was amazed and thrilled that these stamps are exactly what I wanted! Beautiful & Well Made! I will definitely be back and recommend them to my friends & family!

Now.. what is in YOUR shopping bag today?


Annette said...

How nice! Stamps are always so fun and a great way to spice up an envelope or letter.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I miss Singapore and the food...:):)

Very nice stamps and lots of creative ways to use them:)

Paper Girl Productions said...

sweet stamps!

Grace said...

I love love love that stamp!

jarsofheaven said...

Lovely stamp! The detailing is amazing!!