Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Snagged a TREASURY!!!

I have not played TREASURY for the longest time and I was so thrilled to find out that I snagged a Treasury as I was waiting patiently for the treasury numbers to drop below 333!!

While waiting, I was thinking at the back of my mind what theme I should do this time.. I have done quite a number of color theme in the past and those were fun as I love to select picks of a certain theme color.. But this time for a change.. I decided to pick out all the unique charms that I love.. My Treasury Title : Soo.... CHARMing...

Here's my picks...
Row 1
1. Silver Antique Elk Antlers by kiskastyle - The Antlers charm is so adorable that it's definitely a statement piece.
2. Silver Hedgehog Necklace by chainchainchained - I love those spikes on that tiny hedgehog charm!
3. Acorn Necklace by DistinQue2 - The acorn and leaf combo is a perfect piece for fall!
Row 2
1. Petal Earrings in Silver by esdesigns - I love those lines of the petal, they give the charm natural look.
2. Origami Cubes Earrings by piggy - Humbly, these are my pair of earrings. I love love the origami cube charms as I find them so amazing.. how do they make these?! I love the weaving and folds as they reminded me of Bottega Veneta style which is very understated but chic.
3. Gingko Leaf pendant by ginkgo - I love those gingko leaves shapes as they are very distinct and definitely makes a lovely pendant / charm.
Row 3
1. Sterling Skull Bracelet by cravejewelrydesign - One can never get bored of skulls! Love the goth, punk & rock look!
2. Voodoo Love by luxedeluxe - Luxedeluxe has been one of my favorite artiste on Etsy and her works are just inspiration to me! I love this voodoo doll .. again with that goth, punk & rock look! I am really a closet wildchild.. haha!
3. Hammy the Ham-Bone Plurk Buddy by paysonjewelry - I love this charm!! It's really cute & unique.. what can you say, I love pigs and I am biased!
Last Row
1. Paperdoll Chain Necklace by finchmetal - Isn't this charm cute!! Brings back memories of my art and craft days in school where you were taught how to cute these and make loads of them in a chain!
2. Silver Pinecone Necklace by crumpetcake - Personally I would have preferred a slightly open pinecone but this closed up one is OOAK and I have not seen a second one yet on Etsy! Love the simplicity.
3. Oleandar Charm Necklace by gurlygirl - I love cherry blossoms and so you can see why I love this Oleandar charm too! Really simple and sweet! If I were a guy, I would love to buy this for my gf!


MaryMarsh said...

Beatiful treasury piggy! Simply gorgeous!! Love the colors! Front page worthy for sure!! :)

piggy said...

I hope so! :)

Debbie Gootter said...

Great treasury- love the hedgehog necklaces!

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I LOVE your skull bracelet